As a mum of two Katy has learned first hand the benefits of yoga while pregnant, post natal and to children.

During pregnancy your body goes through changes and you are in wonderful but challenging time while you cope with all these changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Katy believes yoga can bring a sense of calm and community to you meeting other pregnant mothers, taking time out to keep your body healthy and strong ready for each new stage and the baby on its arrival.

Post natal mothers bodies need time to recover, and when ready yoga can be a gentle yet effective way to build strength back and give space for you to just breathe. Acceptance of your new shape while working to tone and rebuild yourself in a safe and welcoming space.

Katy offers classes for mum (or parent!) and baby, where time is given for mum to be with baby while focusing on her own regrowth. This is time for mum where baby is welcome.

Yoga for Children, covering ages 3-6 years old, 7-10 years and 11-16 years old, the benefits range with each age group but this fun, calming, confidence boosting practice will help your child with whatever they are currently facing.

Younger groups can enjoy fun exercises with their bodies and ways to calm down and relax, while older children can learn how to cope and manage feelings in their bodies and minds as they develop both physically and mentally as well as work to strengthen and stretch growing muscles safely.

Private sessions or groups for pregnancy, postnatal and children can be arranged directly with Katy.

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