Katy offers a wide variety of different class types to suit you, your preferences and life

ALL classes are ONLINE LIVE via Zoom and also available anytime on Vimeo

Booking and payment of classes is easy through BookWhen system.

Katy offers a ONE MONTH UNLIMITED PASS Giving you access to any and as many classes as you wish for only £24

“Katy’s classes during lockdown have saved me! Thank you.” Zoe, Edinburgh

“I think I started breathing again for the first time…Thank you!”  Fiona, Edinburgh

“You are the best thing about being locked down, I have loved and looked forward to every session”  Sarah, London

Daily Sunrise LIVE Flow (Monday – Thursday 7:15-7:45am) 

Start your morning with 30 minutes of yoga flow suitable for all

Get up, get some space and get moving together ONLINE LIVE. All you need is a mat and some space xx

Available every morning, Fridays will be a slightly shorter flow and chance to grab a coffee and stay online to chat if you wish. 

Barre LIVE (Monday & Thursday 8-8:45am)

Barre is a fun, upbeat class for anyone, focusing on low impact moves to improve posture, flexibility, balance, stability, endurance, and muscle definition, together with weight loss and reduced stress. It is SO fun!!

You need a chair or even a wall to be able to lean at, a mat or towel, a set of small hand weights (no more than 1kg) or tins of soup/beans 😉 and a good sense of humour! 

If you have never tried Barre before this is a good chance to have a go in your home xx

Beginners Yoga LIVE (Monday 7pm-7:45pm)

Have you been thinking of starting yoga, heard the hype and now want to give it a try? Or maybe you tried before and want to refresh your knowledge. 

Monday evening Beginners class is for you…..

Beginners Yoga LIVE will go through the basics of Yoga – giving you a full understanding of breath, sun salutations, standing/seated poses and flow yoga,  to then give you all the tools/confidence to join ANY or the classes on here or elsewhere.

All you need to start is a bit of space and a mat or even a towel. I promise you won’t look back xx


Dynamic Yoga LIVE (Monday 8pm-8:45pm)

Monday evenings bring you this energetic and creative class, moving between yoga postures dynamically to build up heat in your body, gain strength and deepen your yoga practice. Each class will have a theme, which will be creatively interwoven throughout. 

Modifications are always given but a good understanding of yoga is recommended for this session.

Pure Yin LIVE (Tuesday 7pm-7:45pm)

This Yin Yoga LIVE is a slow-paced style of yoga. Yin incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles

The perfect antidote to our busy lives and minds Yin helps us to stop, be still and discover our softer side where we need to slow and just “be” to appreciate the more fluid busy ‘yang’ in our life. Right now more than ever we need to be able to do both. This 45 minute session will involve deep yin holding poses for 3-5 minutes at a time and then a long relaxing svasana rest. 

For Yin at home I would ask you to ensure you always:

  1. Find a comfortable, safe edge. Do not push yourself into pain or strain as you are practicing Yin yoga. …
  2. Stay still. Once you’ve found your edge, commit to being still in the posture. …
  3. Hold the pose. …
  4. Exit the pose slowly. …
  5. Use props when necessary.

Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas.

Great for all – this session will both rejuvenate and relax you xx

You will need a mat, bolster (or couple of cushions or pillows), a yoga block (or hard back book or two) and yoga strap (or belt), and finally a blanket

If you would like to buy yourself any of the above I can give you good links and places who will deliver – I also have discount codes 

Yoga Sculpt & Flow LIVE (Tuesday 8pm-8:45pm)

The perfect mix of vinyasa yoga movement and tone sculpting of the body! 

In only 45 mins…..

A fun class designed to be a bit different from your normal yoga practice- move to music, with props and wake up muscles to feel energised and alive! All levels welcome and encouraged. 

Comfortable active wear, water and smiles essential for classes – experience not necessary! 

You will need a mat, sweat towel (sorry!), small hand weights (or tins of soup/beans) no more than 1kg, and a smile!!!

Slow Flow LIVE (Thursday 8:05pm-8:50pm)

Join us as we allow our mind and body to adapt to current situations and enjoy a calming but fluid Yoga class, moving gently from posture to posture by linking your breath with movement. 

Each class will have a theme, which will be creatively interwoven throughout. Expect to feel centred and stretched but not sweaty. 

Great for those newer to yoga or for those who prefer a calmer yoga session

Also suitable for beginners and those recovering from injury.

All you need is a mat or towel, some space, a blanket and maybe a cushion too,  and a device with “Zoom” 

Yoga & Coffee Chat (Friday 7.15am-7.45am)

Start Friday morning with a short yoga flow (20 mins) and stretch suitable for all and we will then have 10 mins together to grab a cuppa and chat. 

Get up, get some space, get moving and chat together ONLINE LIVE

All you need is a mat and some space 



You need a device with “Zoom” logged in.

Joining code for each session will be shown in the “View Online Event” section on Bookwhen or simply click straight through from your email confirmation or reminder you receive on booking. 

If you have any problems booking please get in touch.

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