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Dynamic vinyasa flow yoga     

Monday 7pm at Barefoot Sanctuary, North Berwick

This is an energetic and creative class, moving between yoga postures dynamically to build up heat in the body. Each class will have a theme, which will be creatively interwoven throughout. Expect a strong  moving class which will awaken all areas of the body. This is a class aimed at those who are familiar with the basics of yoga and keen to advance their practice, strength and balance.

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Monday 8:15pm at Barefoot Sanctuary, Thursday 9:15am at Freedom & Form Dance Studio

A fun fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates all set to up beat music at a ballet barre. Absolutely no dance experience required, just a smile! This non-impact exercise is great for working the muscles without harm on the joints. Great fun – all levels. This will tone your body in ways you never imagined!

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Bonnie Badger: Yoga, Coffee & Scones 

Tuesday (Fortnightly) 9:30am – 10:30 (11am for coffee time!) at The Bonnie Badger, Hotel & Restaurant, Main Street, Gullane

Katy is delighted to be partnering with Kitchin Group’s latest Restaurant and hotel The Bonnie Badger to bring you an hour of yoga suitable for all levels

The class will be a vinyasa flow style class finishing with deep relaxation essential oils and lavender eye pillows. Following this you can float to their relaxed seating area and enjoy a coffee or tea of your choice served with their homemade scones with jam and cream.

This yoga and coffee class will run fortnightly on Tuesdays and numbers are limited so booking essential.

Ticket price includes your choice of hot beverage, scone with jam and cream

“Grant me coffee to change the things I can and yoga to accept the things I can’t”

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Sculpt & Flow Yoga  

Tuesday 8:15pm at Barefoot Sanctuary, North Berwick

A stronger practice with more focus on directly toning the muscles using hand weights and resistance bands. These classes include flowing through poses and always a section working on the core.

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Slow Flow

Thursday 8pm at Barefoot Sanctuary

Breathe and move slowly and fluidly through yoga poses, this class focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses while using breath as a tool to keep you present and mindful. A great class for beginners or those searching for the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  Finishing with a long relaxation – this is a great one for stilling the waves of hectic life.

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Candlelit Rest & Restore

Last Friday of the month 6:30pm at Barefoot Sanctuary

A slow restful practice to calm and soothe body and mind, candlelit and includes hands on assist and gentle massage. The practice of restorative yoga is beneficial to everyone, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, pain and to give time and space to support the body’s immunity, digestion, sleep and healing.

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**If you have a flyer with discount class pass please use CODE: FLY5 in the booking system and bring your flyer to class **


Mum (Parent) & Baby Barre   

Currently no classes on weekly schedule

An excellent way to improve your core, strength, tone and work on your pelvic floor post-natal. Classes are designed safely with mum in mind to help bring you back to yourself – your NEW self! You are welcome to bring your pre-crawling baby. A relaxed, fun and friendly class where you may feed, change and even let your baby join in. Time for you….and baby too.

No need to book a block, just book each class  – life is stressful at times. Come when you and baby can.


Pregnancy and preparation for birth Yoga workshop   

Dates to be confirmed at Barefoot Sanctuary & The Movement House, Edinburgh

Take time out to relax, meet other pregnant mamas-to-be, connect with your changing body while learning how to move freely and safely and leave with a sense of calm and connection to baby.

The workshop will go well beyond simple yoga poses, and will celebrate your body, baby and look at ways to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.
We create a balance of strength and surrender to help prepare you with useful skills for birth and keep your body feeling supple and strong.

No prior yoga experience necessary, all welcome.
This will run bi-monthly throughout the year.

*If you have cannot make this and would be interested in a private session please do not hesitate to contact me

Yin (Deep Stretch)        

No classes currently on schedule – Coming soon

A slower mainly mat based practice holding poses for 3-5 minutes to stretch the fascia of the body and release tension. Holding poses applies moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body (tendons, fascia and ligaments) with the aim of increasing circulation in joints and improved flexibility. Yin is an excellent compliment to all other forms of yoga and exercise, in particular physically demanding sports.


No classes currently on schedule – coming soon

A slow paced, gentle, warm and friendly class starting with all the basics. A great place to start. No fancy clothing or equipment needed and no flexibility required! You have to start somewhere!

Yoga for Runners (Sport)

No classes currently on schedule – coming soon

A yoga class focused on easing and lengthening muscles made tight and tense from sport of any kind. Gentle flow to start and deep stretching to finish. Perfect after a long run Sunday! All levels welcome.

Mum (Parent) & Baby Yoga  

No classes currently on schedule – coming soon

A nurturing and supportive yoga class designed safely with mum in mind to help bring you back to yourself – your NEW self! A creative flow moving through yoga poses, including re gaining strength, and balance both body and mind. You are welcome to bring your pre-crawling baby. A relaxed, fun and friendly class where you may feed, change and even let your baby join in. Time for you….and baby too.


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