We’ve been here before…

….and we can do it again!

How are you feeling? Many of you have messaged, called and emailed me to let me know of your frustration of life right now. It is so difficult to keep moving forward with positivity but move forward we must. Taking each day one at a time, putting yourselves first and trying not to get too overwhelmed by anything.

Its hard its tiring, and as England and Wales (possibly Scotland to follow) head into another lockdown, take comfort in knowing – you are not alone.

We have been here before and as we approach it again, try to take on board the following 6 points I’ve written about surviving another lockdown

(read them…share them…read them again!)

  • 1) You will feel more tired – Allow yourself to rest and sleep. Sleep and structure are your super powers
  • 2) A sense of grief will show up for your life or missed events – this may show as sadness, irritability, stress…make room for it. Try writing it out, cry or shout it out, most of all let it pass and don’t try to hold it in.
  • 3) In these times although we can’t maybe see each other – we still have each other and need to stay in touch, stay social. Call, message, write to a friend or neighbour. Even the ones who look like they have it all together – No one does!
  • 4) Don’t beat yourself up for not baking that banana bread, crafting or writing your first novel….Do things that bring you comfort, happiness, peace and ease.
  • 5) Remember – we are good at adapting. Think pre 9/11, the liquids in small bags to travel…what a pain at first but now…its normal. We got through the first lockdown, we’ll get through whatever is next and better times will come again.
  • 6) Be kind to your body, your physical shape. You are living in a different way, quite possibly eating, sleeping, working differently – it may change and feel different for a little while. That is ok. It is dealing with a lot

November is always tough every year – This year is no exception.

Sending you all so much love xx

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