I know you can do more but can you do less?

This is so relevant right now as we live through times where we are being forced to do less and accept doing less. Even as “normality” resumes we now have to face facts that somethings are just not accessible to us anymore or for now.

Your yoga practice mirrors this. In every practice as you move, breathe and work through the class you know in yourself you could often do more, push a bit further, harder, but can you do less?

I often find in my own practice I take the hardest modification pushing my body to a place of discomfort only to get there and contemplate why I have done this when I know less is often as effective. I can do the same poses, the same sequence but breathe more deeply, feel it more in my body and allow this to ease my mind and get more from the practice. Pain is not a mistake, it is the body giving you a message. So next time you are in any class try sometimes to pull back a little and do less….try it in life too and see how it feels¬† xx


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