Lockdown Weight: So what!

Ok so we have all been in our homes, doing less or maybe just eating more (please tell me I am not the only one who’s food bill has gone through the roof!) for nearly 6 months and maybe now you are feeling like you have put on some weight and need to get it off, perhaps you are letting it get you down, beating yourself up…? STOP!

Firstly – you have been through a global pandemic. Something I didn’t even know about, never mind considered would happen in real life. I mean if someone had said to you this time last year what would happen. That you would be stuck at home. Would you have believed it?

It is not normal, what you have been through is not normal but we have all coped and so what is a few pounds??

I have done the same and I am actually pleased. It is comforting to have enjoyed nice foods, wines, baking, with my family and perhaps being less bothered about how I look.

Nothing is irreversible and I am now taking small but sustainable manageable steps to feel healthier again, to re gain control of my habits and what feels good for me.

Walking, exercising, yoga, barre, sculpt, intensity and eating good, natural, uncomplicated foods to nourish my body and most important of all ….resting, sleeping. I have cut out sugar, most bad carbs and in week one dropped 5lbs and felt 100 % better.

Drop me a message if you are keen to join me and would like to know more of what I am doing. xx

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