Yoga: Its fun

One of the things I find most important as a yoga teacher is to make it fun and enjoyable. I am honoured every single time someone choses to join me in a class online or live in person. You have chosen to be with me, move with me and I take great pride in making sure the time is of benefit to you, physically, mentally and that you smile and enjoy the session.

I teach children and love how they so innocently give there all to you. Undivided attention and energy. They focus on what you are asking them to do, they do it and the find the fun in it.

Let’s take a leaf and do the same….!

“Smiling is infectious, we can spread it like the flu, when someone smiled at me today I started smiling too. I walked around the corner and so the smile had not gone undetected, so let’s start an epidemic, and get the world infected!” Annonymous


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