Savasana: Just lying down?

I was the person at the end of the class, standing straight up, creeping out the door while whispering to the teacher “So sorry, I have to run” as they looked on with a knowing slight smile.

Now I cringe at this memory as my knowledge and understanding of the practice of yoga, and indeed Savasana has deepened with my years (and age). Whether your yoga practice has been an energetic sweaty one or a gentle slow one, Savasana allows the body to absorb it all and integrate the benefits of your movement into your muscle memory, mind and nervous system. It allows the physical body (heart rate, blood pressure etc) and nervous system to return to baseline. In laying still often the mind takes time to calm, and can wander into “to do” lists and other busy chatter. But stay a while and gradually, the brain waves and the breath slow down, and the blood pressure drops.

Then the mind together with the body unwind, the real Savasana can begin. … The final state of Savasana occurs when the mind completely lets go. I often find this is moments before the teacher begins to bring you out of this wonderful state. Generally this is when the brain waves slow down to their lowest frequency which is often why we come out feeling “yoga drunk”. A few slow revitalising breaths and slow return to movement and we “wake” fully refreshed from this blissful state. xx

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